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About me

   About me

Educated professional and personal counselor and currently looking for a place in this great world of freshly married women. For several days Florida resident. Last two years I spent in England so as you see I'm still looking ...
The idea for the blog was born some time ago, but only now I have mobilized to work on it with the encouragement of my mother, close friends, husband Mareczek and a great friend T.OP thank you for motivation 馃檪
By writing a blog, I want to tell you and show you what the world above looks like from around the world and answer all your questions about the procedure from the application for a visa to settle in Florida. Being on your side, I had many unanswered questions and great chaos in my head. It is difficult to find the equivalent in a nutshell where the entire application procedure will be compiled.
That is why I will try to help you take the first steps and introduce you to the Florida sunshine. I would also like to show you to compare life in England as I lived there and as you know it is besieged by Polish. So I will sometimes make small comparisons in terms of quality of life. I think there will be many other things going on in the course of the writing but later on.
I personally think it is worthwhile to follow the voice of the heart and look for a place where we will just be better in every way and be happy. I invite you to follow, ask questions and comment. Exchange of information will surely help us.
Have a nice read
Iwona B


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  2. 艢wietny blog 馃榿

  3. Nice blog. Many useful informations... Greetings from the UK :)

  4. Thank u for such a kind words from u. Iam hoping u can use them in the future for yourself and u'll stay with me for longer. Bless you;-))Greetings from Florida;-))