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sobota, 12 sierpnia 2017

Top 5 family restaurants you have to go

You are going on vacation to the US, you have everything planned, you want to rest. Certainly cooking is the last thing you want to do. On the other hand, everyday food in the restuarant costs money. Most of you know that America is mainly burgers and fast food. When going on vacation, you definitely do not think about the restaurants worth visiting which will satisfy the whole family. That's why you have people like me who help you. The fact is that some time ago my English family came on holiday and had a similar problem. They did not quite know which restaurant to go with as they do not live here so I understand them. Looking at my in-laws who are still thinking about those places 20 years ago where they ate, there is no imagination that a whole lot of new and healthier restaurants were created at the time. That's why the whole family showed a lot of new restaurants that were very good and everyone was happy. Below you will find links to restaurants worth visiting.

is a very tasty, family-friendly restaurant, all u can eat. You'll have everything there, chicken, steak, salads, desserts and unlimited drinks. Desserts are some of the best I've had. The food is very tasty. I would definitely recommend this place in every wa as its cheap for the choice and selection.

is a very American restaurant, not only tasty but also pretty. Before you go in, you will go through a shop that is mega cute with old 60's ornaments and home accessories and souvenirs. A place to enter with pleasure. Outside there are old 60's rocking chairs on which you can relax and rest. The food is southern comfort food american style and the desserts are amazing. Portions like America are big, you will not be hungry. The restaurant does not serve any alcohol, there are only unlimited drinks. Very nice service, high quality food and low prices. The biggest dessert I ever had 1720 calories !!!

is a nice, busy restaurant with live music. A large selection of food, cocktails. Caribbean-like character and the food is on the same theme. Nice decor and friendly atmosphere perfect for a family dinner together. 

is nice, friendly, large restaurant. Indian cuisine is one of the best in the world in my opinion, which everyone should try. The taste of dishes reflects the true aroamat of Indian cuisine. High quality, aromas and beautiful scents. Very cool prices and buffet at lunchtime, which is the time to go.

will surprise you with the restaurant's decor. Large space, reminiscent of a garage from t50 years ago, around a lot of pictures, 2 bars, two hanging ford Model T's. All exterior is also designed in Ford style. Even the way the dishes are served, the cutlery wrapped in napkins resemble oil rags. Very interesting place to see and eat food. For food it is typically American or burgers but tasty and inexpensive. In the second part there is only a bar. Because of the great interest, make yourself reservations.

9 komentarzy :

  1. Piękne pomieszczenia, w takich restauracjach śmiało mogłabym coś zjeść :)

    Obserwujemy? Daj znać u mnie.


  2. w takich miejscach mogłabym jeść codziennie! Aj zazdroszcze:)

  3. Iwona, Stany Stanami - ale czy coś może równać się z naszym polskim jedzeniem? Wiesz co tutaj ostatnio się dzieje w gastronomii? Powstało tyle fantastycznych miejsc...

    Pozdrawiam, Monika z bloga http://by-monique.blogspot.com/

    1. Zdaje sobie sprawę, że kuchnia polska jest smaczna ale nie zamykam się na inne smaki. Pozdrawiam

  4. W tamtejszych restauracjach i pubach jest klimat! I właśnie dla tego klimatu kiedyś chciałabym odwiedzić USA. Tymi cudnymi fotkami tylko mnie do tego przybliżasz! ;)

  5. Przytulne miejsca. Chętnie bym odwiedziła

  6. Golden Corral jest chyba najgorszym bufetem w stanach, za darmo bym tam nie zjadla. Jezeli chodzi o chain restauracje to Ted's Montana Grill, Longhorn, Red Lobster, Maggiano's Little Italy, Texas Roadhouse, sa o wiele lepsze niz te podane powyzej :)

  7. Z tego co wiem Red Lobster nie należy do najtanszych restauracji, wszystko równiez zależy od smaku. Ja nawet jeśli muszę zapłacić to z checią wracam do wszystkich wymienionych restauracji, ponieważ w mojej opinii i nie tylko mojej są warte spróbowania.