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sobota, 29 lipca 2017

Ford F150 American track

Today will be a bit unusual post about the car. I did not think I would ever touch such a topic but my husband inclined to share my reflections with you. 
Well, as you know, I got my license and my current car is a mustang. And last but not least, it was something he had to give to Brandon Ford, from which he bought the car, to get the air con fixed. The company as a substitute car gave the truck. 

As some know, America is famous for everything big and one of its favorite drivers is a truck. As the girls themselves know our men love cars just like my husband. For some time I've noticed his interest in a truck and the desire to own. I myself am a sports car lover so there is no way of changing cars. By accident the replacement car fulfilled the dream of my husband and his hope for a second love. After returning home, it was fascinating and excited to be able to drive his dream car. He called me on the balcony to show me a new car and I could admire them. I certainly was not excited but as a driver I also tested the car. Remember, most cars are automatic. That's why I was curious as to how to drive them. And here was the shock.

 The trucks are very comfortable, very quietly riding and gentle even do not hear anything, they have a lot of space in the middle and a view of the whole road which is amazing.  I also noticed cars respect you and move out of your way or let you go at a junction. 
Regarding the driving of the Ford F150 its not comparable is the lightness of driving a car. With the automatic you just have to accelrate and brake. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and ease of driving. I can be tempted with a truck in the future, 

16 komentarzy :

  1. Fantastic post. That's true, every man is an avid lover of cars, and we have to accept this fact, even if we don't share such a big enthusiasm as they do :)

  2. Wooow ten samochód robi wrażenie. Trzymam kciuki żeby udało ci się w stanach wszystko. Fajny prowadzisz blog.

  3. Fajne zdjęcia!

    Zapraszam https://cakemonika.blogspot.com/ ;)

  4. Interesting post and beautyful car !

  5. Zazdroszczę Stanów, o których marzę już od dawien dawna. Liczę na to, że moje marzenie kiedyś się spełni, a auto bajeczne.
    Pozdrawiam cieplutko i zapraszam do siebie w wolnej chwili :)

  6. Super 😊 lubię duże samochody 😊 i piękne zdjęcia


  7. Great post :)

  8. I always stop my car, when I see that monster on my way.... I want to live :)

  9. Firs of all I was's t sure what u mean by saiyng "monster". U definetely made me smile. But u r right all cars over here get reacted exactly same as u do. When they see my driving by they trying to pull over and stay as far as they can. Anyway America is full of big car and this is one out of the million. In order to find out u have to come over to visit me ;-))