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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ford F150 American track

Today will be a bit unusual post about the car. I did not think I would ever touch such a topic but my husband inclined to share my reflections with you. 
Well, as you know, I got my license and my current car is a mustang. And last but not least, it was something he had to give to Brandon Ford, from which he bought the car, to get the air con fixed. The company as a substitute car gave the truck. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Silicone bra

There is nothing more helpful to us women than a silicone bra or rather silicone inserts. I discovered them by accident, everything through my deep neckline dress. I did not have the right bra, which would be nice to raise the bust and at the same time it would be invisible. All my bras were out of the dress and they were too big.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Today I will tell you about a new technological discovery that some people have already heard and others will just learn. Alexa Voice Service (AVS) at a glance Alexa is the latest invention on the market. What is Alexa at all?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Matnatee Historical Village Park

By writing a post about  Bradenton I mentioned that I would return to this post, due to the place we were not able to visit because it was closed. This weekend we reached the destination, the Manatee Hstorical Village.  

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Black skirt in combination with top

My outfit for a walk in the park

Summer dress vol.2

Modna Ja pokaże Wam mój nowy "amerykański" styl. Podpowiem Wam gdzie można fajnie się ubrać, jakie marki są na topie za oceanem czyli w skrócie co i gdzie.  Dodatkowo powiem gdzie szukać dobrych ofert i promocji. Dział ten chciałam przede wszystkim poświęcić modzie. Zaczynajmy więc. W USA jest wiele więcej marek, których nie ma w Europie.
The Life in Florida

The life of an immigrant is certainly not easy. Especially for people who are alone or starting from scratch. Everybody speaks the American Dream, every one of us has dreams. The fact is that both America and England are the powers of the world and no one can match them. Arriving in Florida I did not know what to expect. I've looked at the Internet a little bit like what it looks like and 99% of the pictures show what you see in the pictures. Florida is beautiful.

Flying to the USA to Tampa- my experience

You already have a visa for which you have been waiting and you are already on the plane. Get ready for the best 9 hours on the plane 😎.

Contrary to appearances, time flies faster than you would think. Depending on what line you are flying you have other facilities. I was flying British Airways. I can tell you that it is often better to buy a return ticket because it will cost less.
Returning to the flight every passenger has their own small TV with a large selection of movies, music. If you are cold nobody will forget you. There are blankets and headphones.

Aplikacja o wizę

Zamierzasz jechać do USA na wakacje, chcesz zmienić miejsce zamieszkania a może przeżyć przygodę? 

Możesz to zrobić ale wcześniej musisz aplikować o wizę co już nie jest takie łatwe. Niestety Amerykanie nie są aż tak przychylni do wydawania wiz i sadzę też, że maja limity odnośnie ich wydawania.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Clinique - All about eyes

Some time ago in the reviews of creams I described to you one of the company Clarins Multi Regenerante Nuit. As you know, this is not the cheapest cream, but it has good reviews so I was tempted. I thought that a company that specializes in creams would bring me to my knees. Expectations were big but they did not work, cream like every other one.

Monday, July 3, 2017

A places I have been to

In today's post i will give you a summary at a glance all the places where I was, which I visited, and I described to you on the blog. In a nutshell, I give them one at a time, you can find out what to see while in Tampa and surrounding areaas. I hope that I will help in planning your vacation and you will have a small hint.