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Monday, June 19, 2017

Bradenton and Cortez Beach

By writing this post I would like to tell you about my trips and why not always posh place means the best. Visitors to Florida usually choose Miami as a resting place and of course Orlando, the biggest tourist attraction for families is of course Disneyworld. Many of you do not know about the places I describe in the post. Certainly as everyone would also choose Miami because it is best known. What is important is that Miami is not one of the cheapest tours. This is a place with very good advertising not necessarily with many attractions. In the tourist season, the prices for accommodation are high.
As you know Florida is mostly beaches. Another point to explore and the place besieged by the Americans is Clearwater. In Florida you will find many places worth visiting and worth recommending. Unfortunately, these are not places in the guide list.

The places I describe are located on the beaches. They are very close and inexpensive. What is important is that you will find everything in them. Cheap motels, restaurants, shops, pubs. Due to the place where I live I can go to each of these places for the weekend. I have about an hour to go so it is not so bad. For those planning a trip to Florida I would certainly advise you to explore other places you can see and do. If you want to see more Florida I would recommend you the places mentioned in the posts.I will now move on to the next place that I am amazed with, Bradenton. Beautiful town, quite modern, with a couple of places to see.

Unfortunately we did not manage to see the  Manatee Village Historical Park which is open only at 2 weekends a month. It is known for Florida's oldest homes. It looks beautiful so I will be there in the near future. Outside the park is a marina overlooking the water with many boats. You can also take a walk to the city center. What surprised us is the emptiness in the city. As if it was extinct. On the other hand, I think it is too hot. At about 40 degrees I would not go too.

As you see Bradenton like any other city is nice and importantly very well maintained and clean. It is located in a nice place where in 30 minutes you will be at one of the beaches. We chose Cortez Beach.

As you can see in the pictures this is a beautiful place, certainly one of the most beautiful I have ever been. Around beautiful colorful houses, pirate style restaurants with live music. Beach with parking for free with warm soft sand. This is a small 'town that gives such a feeling of joy. Mega beautiful. Words do not give it the look and charm. If I were going on vacation Crotez Beach would certainly be on my list. One thing that shocked us was the price of the property. You will pay $ 1,500 to $ 2200 for a week's rental.



  1. Możliwość podróżowania to coś cudownego. Chciałabym pojechać chociaż do jednego z miejsc, które nam prezentujesz. ;)

  2. Bardzo podoba mi się ta sukienka :) A te miejsca niezwykle klimatyczne!

  3. Jak ja uwielbiam tą ilość zdjęć! :)
    A sukienka przepiękna :)

  4. Kurcze, wygląda ślicznie - aż mam ochotę wskoczyć w samolot i się tam wybrać!