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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sale and Promotion

Yesterday I went to the Westfield shopping center to see what interesting, what kind of collection and such. I will tell you that the prices of clothes in some stores were gently speaking high. What I noticed was the way stores operate. After all promotions, prices return to normal, then the following week they are on sale again.

And here it depends on the customer. If you really want something to buy it then. Another customer will say STOP. What is the purpose of raising prices? The holiday bank is coming soon, which means that there will be sales and great promotions.
The hungry customer, the one who gave STOP before buying this time, will buy much more than they intended to sell because he will have the price he saw before.
Driving license in USA

4000 questions behind me and practical exam passed. My dream was fulfilled a few months ago in Poland but in USA the driver without experience thrown on new roads. So you imagine that it was not easy. Ever since I remember I always wanted to be a driver and once that happened it was not that easy. I passed the driving license in Poland. The first time I ran a car was in the US. It was frightening to get behind the wheel, because since I passed my test i hadnt driven once!!!

As you know in the US roads are bigger, faster cars and still fear. In addition, the car I drive is not small and slow. This is a sports car. I was nervous that the car would dominate me. But thanks to the support of my husband I moved. It turned out that Mustang is very easy to drive, does not rush fast. The downside is that it is wide. The front is mega big. It is often difficult to sense whether I am too close, so my intervals are kilometers.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Writing about Sant Augustine I also mentioned Palatka. As I promised a bit about it. It is a historical city, small, with not many attractions. I know that once it was a city very besieged by famous people even the president himself spent a holiday there. So when you go on holiday, going somewhere you can sleep in a motel and from there go to St Augustine, Orlando or any other city. This is a good resting point. Palatka is generally quite well known by Americans and is often recommended.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

St. Augustine

When you go to Florida, do not expect boredom. Outside the beaches and palm trees you will find many interesting places and you will get to know other cultures. This time I take you on a trip to one of the oldest places in America to Saint Augustine.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Islands of Adventure in Orlando

Continuation of my birthday. Our ticket included two parks. We chose Uniwersals Studio as you know and on the second day Islands of Adventure. The ticket was valid for seven days ie we could return to our second Park in six days. 

My impressions of the Islands of Adventur would seem obvious as I was already in another park and know what to expect. Well, no. Every place surprises you with something else. In my opinion the second park was certainly nicer, had better attractions and seemed to me bigger.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Universal Studios in Orlando

30 years behind me, a common birthday and surprises from her husband. A person who surprises me every day and pampers. On this day when I was 29 I felt like a little princess in a fairy tale world. So my dear ones spent them in Universal Studio.

Was I surprised? Was I thrilled? I will tell you that mixed feelings. However, I believe that Uniwersals is a cool place. More buzz around the place than on the spot. Somehow it is nice, you are moving into a world of fun, fairy-tale characters. . I can start with prices because this is the basis. Uniwersals Studio is certainly not the cheapest idea for entertainment. For a ticket you will pay roughly over $ 100. I will not say the exact price because they depend on many factors ie season, number of days you want to spend, how many people. There are many different options to choose from.