czwartek, 14 września 2017

Hurricane Irma

As you recently heard hurricane Irma hit Florida. I was in a similar shock as you, because it was the first hurricane in my life and I did not really know what to do, how to behave.

How is it with these hurricanes and what to do?

Let's start with the fact that Florida is a tropical state and hence hurricanes. In the months of June-end of September are very heavy rainfall, almost every day. What's the reason for the floods? Due to the heat, the hurricanes that start here are from September and last for a couple of months. Hurricanes that strike Florida can go gently, without causing any major damage or as strong as Irma.

From what I've learned it was the biggest hurricane in US history for about 100 years and the biggest evacuation of people. Remember that the initial hurricane is icategory 5 and has big effects. I remember how on television they said that a hurricane was coming to us but we did not know if we would miss and go in different direction. Undoubtedly, however, as you know it destroyed 95% of the Caribbean, they were the first place from which the hurricane made landfall. As a lot of houses are basic there was no way to defend it. Then the hurricane hit other islands around Florida like key west and then hit Naples on Mainland Florida. The news was constantly talking about in Irma, but what shocked me the most was no information about the islands affected by the hurricane. As if nothing happened. Americans were very scared of Miami, as a hurricane could destroy the city and bring big losses. As the hurricane was already at Key West it is still unknown where it will hit because its direction has changed from hour to hour. That is why, after a few days, the Tampa area was put on alert, talking about people living on the water, having mobile homes or living in trailers, and the rest of the people were forbidden to leave their homes for their own safety. The atmosphere was tense. Fear, panic. On the one hand, the curiosity turned me off to see what a hurricane looks like, but when we got a message about a hit on Tampa, I panicked, the first time I was scared that something might happen to us. About the news Irma was supposed to hit Miami at 8am, eventually hit 5 of what I remember. Fortunately for Miami, the strength of the hurricane has gone down a bit and moved a little away from the city and gone in another caveat than promised. That is why the city did not suffer such great damage. I know there are floods but this is the next hurricane because it takes water and throws it out. About this moment 5 hours before the hurricane hits Tampa !!!

wtorek, 5 września 2017


Time for a long awaited post. I'll tell you a little more about Clearwater. As some of you know, this is one of the most visited destinations by tourists and americans. Everyone loves this place because of the beautiful beaches. What are my thoughts? I may be a bit surprised. Having lived in Tampa often friends asked us if we were in Clearwater, they recommended this place were delighted. Sitting at home with my husband so we thought it would be fun to go somewhere, have a few drinks, which is not possible here where we live because we have to drive everywhere, which involves one of us having to drive the car. So after we thought about the motel Surf and Sand

wtorek, 22 sierpnia 2017

Permission for work in USA/Employment authorization card

Many people dream of the United States. You often ask questions about how to get to the US, how it looks from the legal side and from all formalities. As you already know of my origin I am polish recently living in Florida. That is why everything I write is related to my experience so do not take it very seriously if some information does not agree with yours. 

niedziela, 20 sierpnia 2017

Things to do in Orlando 

Time to talk about what you can do in Orlando. Especially for you holiday makers as I promised I prepared a list of places for family entertainment. After looking at it I can say that there are some attractions and you need time to pick up all the items from my list and visit every park. Most of the places are in Orlando, some may be a bit further in the area. For each item you have a link that will redirect you directly to the page. Remember to collect leaflets because very often there are discounts on attractions and restaurants.

środa, 16 sierpnia 2017

Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa- excellent place for familly holiday

Are you going on vacation to Orlando with your family? Are you planning to spend 3 weeks in Disneyworld? Do you have an idea what hotel to choose?
 I will help you. Recently I had the opportunity to spend a few days with my loving English family at one of the Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa . Remember, however, that July and August are months of rain and storms. So do not plan your day because you never know what the weather will be. In addition, they are the most crowded months due to the holidays of children in the US and Europe. Besides, they are the most hot months of 40 degrees. Being already in Orlando collect leaflets because they are very often discounts on attractions and restaurants  back to the resort, I can recommend it to your family with a clear conscience. 

sobota, 12 sierpnia 2017

Top 5 family restaurants you have to go

You are going on vacation to the US, you have everything planned, you want to rest. Certainly cooking is the last thing you want to do. On the other hand, everyday food in the restuarant costs money. Most of you know that America is mainly burgers and fast food. When going on vacation, you definitely do not think about the restaurants worth visiting which will satisfy the whole family. That's why you have people like me who help you. The fact is that some time ago my English family came on holiday and had a similar problem. They did not quite know which restaurant to go with as they do not live here so I understand them. Looking at my in-laws who are still thinking about those places 20 years ago where they ate, there is no imagination that a whole lot of new and healthier restaurants were created at the time. That's why the whole family showed a lot of new restaurants that were very good and everyone was happy. Below you will find links to restaurants worth visiting.

is a very tasty, family-friendly restaurant, all u can eat. You'll have everything there, chicken, steak, salads, desserts and unlimited drinks. Desserts are some of the best I've had. The food is very tasty. I would definitely recommend this place in every wa as its cheap for the choice and selection.

piątek, 4 sierpnia 2017

Local Malls in Tampa

A post, which should have been written long ago, but now I have done it after talking to one of my blogging friends, which is new in Tampa and does not quite know the area yet. At the same time, a red light came on, and that knowledge could come in handy. During our chat she asked me about cool shopping centers and I have to admit I did not remember as they all look similar to me.  Some time ago I was in Brandon, I bought a couple of purchases and would like to share with you about shopping centers. As you know they are big. They differ only in the price and the brands that are there. The listed galleries are in and around the Tampa area.

sobota, 29 lipca 2017

Ford F150 American track

Today will be a bit unusual post about the car. I did not think I would ever touch such a topic but my husband inclined to share my reflections with you. 
Well, as you know, I got my license and my current car is a mustang. And last but not least, it was something he had to give to Brandon Ford, from which he bought the car, to get the air con fixed. The company as a substitute car gave the truck. 

niedziela, 23 lipca 2017

Silicone bra

There is nothing more helpful to us women than a silicone bra or rather silicone inserts. I discovered them by accident, everything through my deep neckline dress. I did not have the right bra, which would be nice to raise the bust and at the same time it would be invisible. All my bras were out of the dress and they were too big.

wtorek, 18 lipca 2017


Today I will tell you about a new technological discovery that some people have already heard and others will just learn. Alexa Voice Service (AVS) at a glance Alexa is the latest invention on the market. What is Alexa at all?

czwartek, 13 lipca 2017

Sukienka na ramiączkach w kwiaty

Nigdy nie byłam większą zwolenniczką sukienek, jeśli już to zawsze dopasowane ale wszystko się zmienia z czasem i z wiekiem. Delikatna, kolorowa na paseczkach sukienka super sprawdza się w upalne dni zwłaszcza na Florydzie. 

poniedziałek, 10 lipca 2017

Matnatee Historical Village Park

By writing a post about  Bradenton I mentioned that I would return to this post, due to the place we were not able to visit because it was closed. This weekend we reached the destination, the Manatee Hstorical Village.  

sobota, 8 lipca 2017

Mała czarna w połączeniu z topem

Wygodna i delikatna stylizacja na spacer

Wybierając się do parku na spacer dobrze jest wyglądać fajnie i czuć się dobrze ze sobą😎 Na dziś wybrałam dżinsy i lekki tshirt.

Przewiewna sukienka na lato

Modna Ja pokaże Wam mój nowy "amerykański" styl. Podpowiem Wam gdzie można fajnie się ubrać, jakie marki są na topie za oceanem czyli w skrócie co i gdzie.  Dodatkowo powiem gdzie szukać dobrych ofert i promocji. Dział ten chciałam przede wszystkim poświęcić modzie. Zaczynajmy więc. W USA jest wiele więcej marek, których nie ma w Europie.
The Life in Florida

The life of an immigrant is certainly not easy. Especially for people who are alone or starting from scratch. Everybody speaks the American Dream, every one of us has dreams. The fact is that both America and England are the powers of the world and no one can match them. Arriving in Florida I did not know what to expect. I've looked at the Internet a little bit like what it looks like and 99% of the pictures show what you see in the pictures. Florida is beautiful.

Flying to the USA to Tampa- my experience

You already have a visa for which you have been waiting and you are already on the plane. Get ready for the best 9 hours on the plane 😎.

Contrary to appearances, time flies faster than you would think. Depending on what line you are flying you have other facilities. I was flying British Airways. I can tell you that it is often better to buy a return ticket because it will cost less.
Returning to the flight every passenger has their own small TV with a large selection of movies, music. If you are cold nobody will forget you. There are blankets and headphones.

Aplikacja o wizę

Zamierzasz jechać do USA na wakacje, chcesz zmienić miejsce zamieszkania a może przeżyć przygodę? 

Możesz to zrobić ale wcześniej musisz aplikować o wizę co już nie jest takie łatwe. Niestety Amerykanie nie są aż tak przychylni do wydawania wiz i sadzę też, że maja limity odnośnie ich wydawania.

środa, 5 lipca 2017

Clinique - All about eyes

Hej Kobietki😊😊

Jakiś czas temu w recenzjach kremów opisałam Wam jeden z firmy Clarins Multi Regenerante Nuit. Jak wiecie nie jest to najtańszy krem, ale ma dobre opinie więc się skusiłam. Sądziłam, że firma, która specjalizuje się w kremach powali mnie na kolana. Oczekiwania były duże ale się nie sprawdziły, krem jak każdy jeden. 

poniedziałek, 3 lipca 2017

A places I have been to

In today's post i will give you a summary at a glance all the places where I was, which I visited, and I described to you on the blog. In a nutshell, I give them one at a time, you can find out what to see while in Tampa and surrounding areaas. I hope that I will help in planning your vacation and you will have a small hint.

wtorek, 27 czerwca 2017

Yankee Candle

The craze for shopping continues. This time it will still be fragrant, but here comes candles Yankee Candle I heard about these candles but I admit that I never had them until today. Walking past the store I noticed a 75% sale.

poniedziałek, 26 czerwca 2017

Bath and Body Works

Recently bought Bath and Body Works cosmetics. This is a very cool company that has good quality body cosmetics such as bath gels, soaps, lotions, shower gels and others. When it comes to balsams they have a nice texture, they quickly absorbed and nice smell. In addition to gels, except that they smell nice, they are very efficient and good foam. 

The company I'm talking about is very simialr ito an english company called the Body Shop. Recently, the shop was selling 75% discount on particular products, so I decided to buy a small assortment. Price after promotion was $ 3.25 instead of $12.25.

What you need to do is visit your favorite brands on their sites or shopping malls, or follow them on social media to keep an eye on the best deals.

środa, 21 czerwca 2017


Wiele pań z USA pyta mnie gdzie kupuję ubrania. Większość z nich jest z Macy's.  Ze względu na dużą ilość towaru trzeba dobrze szukać.  Jedna z moich ulubionych sukienek.

wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017


In Florida there are no small neighborhood shops like in other countries where you can go for bread or make small purchases.

That is why in today's post I will give you the most famous supermarkets, a little differentiated pricing, which is worth knowing and which to avoid.


is the cheapest supermarket. It is smaller than the rest, the products are cool quality, tasty, the only downside may be that there is not much choice, but you can always make up for shortages in another store. Aldi is a growing network, with a small number of stores to expand in the near future.

also belongs to one of the cheaper, is larger and often makes offers "buy one get one"

  is similar to the above supermarket

poniedziałek, 19 czerwca 2017

Bradenton and Cortez Beach

By writing this post I would like to tell you about my trips and why not always posh place means the best. Visitors to Florida usually choose Miami as a resting place and of course Orlando, the biggest tourist attraction for families is of course Disneyworld. Many of you do not know about the places I describe in the post. Certainly as everyone would also choose Miami because it is best known. What is important is that Miami is not one of the cheapest tours. This is a place with very good advertising not necessarily with many attractions. In the tourist season, the prices for accommodation are high.

piątek, 16 czerwca 2017

Eureka Springs Park

You are approaching the weekend and wondering what to do here, where to go, where to see, where to go for a walk. I have for you Eureka Springs proposal. 

poniedziałek, 12 czerwca 2017

Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs is a city that will delight you and you will come back to it more than once and get the original bath sponges. The town is near Clearwater and Palm Harbor. The name itself was taken from the fact that tourists noticed the tarp (the name of the fish) jumping out of the water and in their honor the city was named Tarpon Springs.

poniedziałek, 5 czerwca 2017

Philips Lumea Advanced

Are you considering buying Philips Lumea Advanced? Do you wonder if it works? How long does it take to get results?

Surely you are thinking too much for and against. As you know, the price of epilator is not one of the cheapest. The price was around 3,000 zlotys a couple of years ago, but it did not change too much, it is still expensive, it is currently in the 1500 PLN -2 thousand unless you are good at looking. In stores, do not buy because the prices are still high, for example in Boots in the UK you will pay about £ 300 to £ 450. 

Also depends on the model you have. I have the Philips Lumea Advanced, a epilator for the whole body epilation outside the mouth area. This Philips Lumea Prestige is a bit more expensive than the previous model. 

wtorek, 30 maja 2017

Mamorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal day commemorating US citizens who died during military service on various fronts and wars. The holiday is celebrated on the last weekend of May on Monday. This is an opportunity for family gatherings, barbecues, city trips, beaches and shopping.

Taking advantage of the big sale I went to Macy's. I wanted to show you how the shops look from the inside, American style and branded Macy's. Here again I will return to Macy's. This is a great store that sells brands such as INC, Michael Kors, Guess, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Dior and many more. There is a great selection for women, men and children.

Memorial Day, Black Friday as well as Thanksgiving are treated in America as the three most profitable days for sellers. On this occasion, there are many different promotions, such as buy one get free and others. Offers are many and they are varied in assimilation from the store. What is funny, is that every woman seems to be carrying a bag of Michael Kors.

środa, 24 maja 2017

Au pair

Some time ago I was wondering about the meaning of being an Au pair and whether to use this program. In retrospect, I can confidently say yes. I used to be an Au pair in the UK and it was definitely a cool time in my life. The only downside was the age. I made such a decision at the age of 27, where it is a bit too late for such a character of work and more adventures for me.

What is Au pair?

It is nothing more than babysitting, babysitter, nanny. What do you offer to host families is a small pocket money, sometimes they pay you a language course, travel expenses, take you on vacation. All living expenses, and food are covered by the family. Conversely, the height of the pocket depends on the generosity of the family. They are not big money, you will not be rich. Your duties include childcare, laundry, cleaning, ironing, cooking, etc. The responsibilities vary according to the expectations of the family. Usually get free weekends and 2 weeks paid vacation.

piątek, 19 maja 2017

Face creams

Let's talk a little about creams. Each of us wants to be beautiful, have a super delicate face without wrinkles. On the market is the mass of different creams where prices start from a few dollars and end up several hundred dollars.

The question is whether the price is adequate to the product, or will we get the effect that the manufacturer provides us? As you often know, these are often prices that are set and the results leave much to be desired.
As I am 30 years old, I have to stop and look at it as carefully as possible. Regarding my complexion it is ok but a little dry so I was looking for a moisturizing cream that gives a nice effect.

And here I suggested the recommendation from youtube girls. When choosing a cream I also said that I can spend more because it is about the face ;-)

wtorek, 16 maja 2017


You were in Sarasota, St. Petrsburg? Another place on the list to visit just off the road is Dunedin. Located between Clearwater and Palm Harbor.

poniedziałek, 15 maja 2017

Health care

Dear Florida holiday makers, visit or any other reason remember to insure !!!

This is very important. We never know what will happen to us and then we have a problem. The costs of such insurances are not high and they will help in the event of wages.

Do not count on luck. If you get sick, break your leg or another accident happens, then you will need to cover the cost of hospital stays and treatments,

I will tell you the story someone's experience.

One couple bought a holiday ticket to the US but for some reason they could not come and gave   their friend one ticket, which he used and flew to their holiday. What happened? Well, Mr. X let's call him so during the holidays wanted to jump into the water to swim but unfortunately slipped and broke his finger. He went to the hospital where he was asked for insurance. He said there were no doctors seeing the hanging finger said they were not able to do anything until he paid for medical expenses around $ 2-3,000 I can not remember exactly. Fortunately, Mr. X had such money in his account, paid them and finger was rescued.

piątek, 5 maja 2017

Hair care

Today I wanted to share with you and tell you about some cosmetics. I used a lot of nutrients and different kinds of hair products on my hair until I finally found one i liked. I will add that I am not the person who believes in advertising and what i see in the adverts, There are also no cosmetics which will instantly make you beautiful. 

Girls remember !!!

Before buying any cosmetics and especially from the top shelf, buy a small sample or take a tester. Especially now in many stores is the opportunity to test cosmetics on themselves from makeup to facial creams. However, remember that it is not possible to evaluate the product after use for one-time use, so when buying, always have a tester or ask the consultant to send a primer. Then you will see how the product works in real life. 

wtorek, 2 maja 2017

Savannah, Georgia

The city is recommended as a tourist attraction and readily visited by tourists. For many known for black slaves. City surrounded by greenery, parks, long alleyways. For the tourists there are tourist busses that will take you to the best known and recommended places. Strolling along the streets you will find many restaurants, souvenir shops and a shopping center. Before we started our adventure we stayed at the Thunderbird Inn. 

czwartek, 27 kwietnia 2017

Sale and Promotion

Yesterday I went to the Westfield shopping center to see what interesting, what kind of collection and such. I will tell you that the prices of clothes in some stores were gently speaking high. What I noticed was the way stores operate. After all promotions, prices return to normal, then the following week they are on sale again.

And here it depends on the customer. If you really want something to buy it then. Another customer will say STOP. What is the purpose of raising prices? The holiday bank is coming soon, which means that there will be sales and great promotions.
The hungry customer, the one who gave STOP before buying this time, will buy much more than they intended to sell because he will have the price he saw before.
Driving license in USA

4000 questions behind me and practical exam passed. My dream was fulfilled a few months ago in Poland but in USA the driver without experience thrown on new roads. So you imagine that it was not easy. Ever since I remember I always wanted to be a driver and once that happened it was not that easy. I passed the driving license in Poland. The first time I ran a car was in the US. It was frightening to get behind the wheel, because since I passed my test i hadnt driven once!!!

As you know in the US roads are bigger, faster cars and still fear. In addition, the car I drive is not small and slow. This is a sports car. I was nervous that the car would dominate me. But thanks to the support of my husband I moved. It turned out that Mustang is very easy to drive, does not rush fast. The downside is that it is wide. The front is mega big. It is often difficult to sense whether I am too close, so my intervals are kilometers.

czwartek, 13 kwietnia 2017


Writing about Sant Augustine I also mentioned Palatka. As I promised a bit about it. It is a historical city, small, with not many attractions. I know that once it was a city very besieged by famous people even the president himself spent a holiday there. So when you go on holiday, going somewhere you can sleep in a motel and from there go to St Augustine, Orlando or any other city. This is a good resting point. Palatka is generally quite well known by Americans and is often recommended.

środa, 12 kwietnia 2017

St. Augustine

When you go to Florida, do not expect boredom. Outside the beaches and palm trees you will find many interesting places and you will get to know other cultures. This time I take you on a trip to one of the oldest places in America to Saint Augustine.

wtorek, 11 kwietnia 2017

poniedziałek, 10 kwietnia 2017

Universal Studios in Orlando

30 years behind me, a common birthday and surprises from her husband. A person who surprises me every day and pampers. On this day when I was 29 I felt like a little princess in a fairy tale world. So my dear ones spent them in Universal Studio.

Was I surprised? Was I thrilled? I will tell you that mixed feelings. However, I believe that Uniwersals is a cool place. More buzz around the place than on the spot. Somehow it is nice, you are moving into a world of fun, fairy-tale characters. . I can start with prices because this is the basis. Uniwersals Studio is certainly not the cheapest idea for entertainment. For a ticket you will pay roughly over $ 100. I will not say the exact price because they depend on many factors ie season, number of days you want to spend, how many people. There are many different options to choose from.

niedziela, 26 marca 2017

St. Petersburg

Another day in Florida and more captured moments. This time i decided to go with my husband to a seafood festival in St. Petersburg. We were expecting seafood shows, some news about them, and what we saw was people just eating. 

poniedziałek, 20 marca 2017

Ybor, for over a hundred years, known as Tampa's Latin Quarter. Ybor is one of the oldest places in Tampa. Historic with a mixture of Cuban flavors, flowers and sounds of the city of Tampa. Many associated with the original object of the cigar. A visit point where you will see a city created by immigrants coming from Cuba.

sobota, 18 marca 2017

Lithia Springs

Another beautiful, sunny day and weekend for two. We started the weekend in the Tamarind Indian restaurant on Flovler Ave in Tampa. The restaurant is a favourite of our indian friends and at lunch times offers an all you can eat buffet for the price of $12 per person so hungry you will not be.  I can highly recommend and my husband and our friends say it tastes authentic. 

To burn calories, myself and husband discovered that we could use us a walk, with nature. Long without thinking we went to Lithia Springs Regional Park.  When we got there we were even surprised at how nicely it is and how much activity you can do.  Price of entry costs $2 per car and time is unlimited. 

piątek, 17 marca 2017


Being in Tampa has many beautiful places and beaches to see. For people who like not only sunbathing I would recommend a weekend in Sarasota. Definitely a lovely place to relax, walk, have a nice dinner. Sarasota is about 50 miles from Tampa which gives you one hour by car.