czwartek, 14 września 2017

Hurricane Irma

As you recently heard hurricane Irma hit Florida. I was in a similar shock as you, because it was the first hurricane in my life and I did not really know what to do, how to behave.

How is it with these hurricanes and what to do?

Let's start with the fact that Florida is a tropical state and hence hurricanes. In the months of June-end of September are very heavy rainfall, almost every day. What's the reason for the floods? Due to the heat, the hurricanes that start here are from September and last for a couple of months. Hurricanes that strike Florida can go gently, without causing any major damage or as strong as Irma.

From what I've learned it was the biggest hurricane in US history for about 100 years and the biggest evacuation of people. Remember that the initial hurricane is icategory 5 and has big effects. I remember how on television they said that a hurricane was coming to us but we did not know if we would miss and go in different direction. Undoubtedly, however, as you know it destroyed 95% of the Caribbean, they were the first place from which the hurricane made landfall. As a lot of houses are basic there was no way to defend it. Then the hurricane hit other islands around Florida like key west and then hit Naples on Mainland Florida. The news was constantly talking about in Irma, but what shocked me the most was no information about the islands affected by the hurricane. As if nothing happened. Americans were very scared of Miami, as a hurricane could destroy the city and bring big losses. As the hurricane was already at Key West it is still unknown where it will hit because its direction has changed from hour to hour. That is why, after a few days, the Tampa area was put on alert, talking about people living on the water, having mobile homes or living in trailers, and the rest of the people were forbidden to leave their homes for their own safety. The atmosphere was tense. Fear, panic. On the one hand, the curiosity turned me off to see what a hurricane looks like, but when we got a message about a hit on Tampa, I panicked, the first time I was scared that something might happen to us. About the news Irma was supposed to hit Miami at 8am, eventually hit 5 of what I remember. Fortunately for Miami, the strength of the hurricane has gone down a bit and moved a little away from the city and gone in another caveat than promised. That is why the city did not suffer such great damage. I know there are floods but this is the next hurricane because it takes water and throws it out. About this moment 5 hours before the hurricane hits Tampa !!!

wtorek, 5 września 2017


Time for a long awaited post. I'll tell you a little more about Clearwater. As some of you know, this is one of the most visited destinations by tourists and americans. Everyone loves this place because of the beautiful beaches. What are my thoughts? I may be a bit surprised. Having lived in Tampa often friends asked us if we were in Clearwater, they recommended this place were delighted. Sitting at home with my husband so we thought it would be fun to go somewhere, have a few drinks, which is not possible here where we live because we have to drive everywhere, which involves one of us having to drive the car. So after we thought about the motel Surf and Sand

wtorek, 22 sierpnia 2017

Permission for work in USA/Employment authorization card

Many people dream of the United States. You often ask questions about how to get to the US, how it looks from the legal side and from all formalities. As you already know of my origin I am polish recently living in Florida. That is why everything I write is related to my experience so do not take it very seriously if some information does not agree with yours. 

niedziela, 20 sierpnia 2017

Things to do in Orlando 

Time to talk about what you can do in Orlando. Especially for you holiday makers as I promised I prepared a list of places for family entertainment. After looking at it I can say that there are some attractions and you need time to pick up all the items from my list and visit every park. Most of the places are in Orlando, some may be a bit further in the area. For each item you have a link that will redirect you directly to the page. Remember to collect leaflets because very often there are discounts on attractions and restaurants.

środa, 16 sierpnia 2017

Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa- excellent place for familly holiday

Are you going on vacation to Orlando with your family? Are you planning to spend 3 weeks in Disneyworld? Do you have an idea what hotel to choose?
 I will help you. Recently I had the opportunity to spend a few days with my loving English family at one of the Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa . Remember, however, that July and August are months of rain and storms. So do not plan your day because you never know what the weather will be. In addition, they are the most crowded months due to the holidays of children in the US and Europe. Besides, they are the most hot months of 40 degrees. Being already in Orlando collect leaflets because they are very often discounts on attractions and restaurants  back to the resort, I can recommend it to your family with a clear conscience. 

sobota, 12 sierpnia 2017

Top 5 family restaurants you have to go

You are going on vacation to the US, you have everything planned, you want to rest. Certainly cooking is the last thing you want to do. On the other hand, everyday food in the restuarant costs money. Most of you know that America is mainly burgers and fast food. When going on vacation, you definitely do not think about the restaurants worth visiting which will satisfy the whole family. That's why you have people like me who help you. The fact is that some time ago my English family came on holiday and had a similar problem. They did not quite know which restaurant to go with as they do not live here so I understand them. Looking at my in-laws who are still thinking about those places 20 years ago where they ate, there is no imagination that a whole lot of new and healthier restaurants were created at the time. That's why the whole family showed a lot of new restaurants that were very good and everyone was happy. Below you will find links to restaurants worth visiting.

is a very tasty, family-friendly restaurant, all u can eat. You'll have everything there, chicken, steak, salads, desserts and unlimited drinks. Desserts are some of the best I've had. The food is very tasty. I would definitely recommend this place in every wa as its cheap for the choice and selection.

piątek, 4 sierpnia 2017

Local Malls in Tampa

A post, which should have been written long ago, but now I have done it after talking to one of my blogging friends, which is new in Tampa and does not quite know the area yet. At the same time, a red light came on, and that knowledge could come in handy. During our chat she asked me about cool shopping centers and I have to admit I did not remember as they all look similar to me.  Some time ago I was in Brandon, I bought a couple of purchases and would like to share with you about shopping centers. As you know they are big. They differ only in the price and the brands that are there. The listed galleries are in and around the Tampa area.